About Me

Hello there and welcome to Midge + Mowgli!

Starting a blog is something I've thought about doing for a few years now, but I was nervous to put myself and my family out into the world, or more specifically the cyber world.  Which is why I decided to separate the two. You'll notice my header says 'Everything but a mom blog' that is because I will not be posting photos of my children or talking personally about them. I like the separation of the two. 

I am married to a wonderful man who is my very best friend. We were friends for a few years before we began dating and it made for a very solid and happy relationship. Together we have two beautiful daughters. My oldest is 5 years old and we nicknamed her 'Mowgli'. My youngest is 3 years old and we call her 'Midge'. Thus the title of my blog. My spare time is spent crocheting, reading and finding new ways to improve our home.