A Window Garden With Food Scraps

I saw a few posts on pinterest about regrowing food.  I was a little skeptical but thought I'd give it a try. 

Our family goes through quite a bit of celery and green onion. Not that they are expensive, but it's nice to always have them on hand instead of making trips to the grocery store. Plus nothing beats fresh produce.

Green onion is very easy. Simply chop off the white root part of the plant and stick it in water. Thats it. I change out our water every few days.

This is after only a week! 
The girls think its so fun to watch them grow - so that's a bonus.
When your ready to use them, just cut off what you need and it will grow back.

This is a week of celery growth. Once it gets just a little bigger I'm going to put it in soil.

Romain was a little late to the game.
However it is showing progress. I'll give it another week and then plant it.