It's Finished!

I finally finished my Bright Neat Ripple blanket, just in time for my mom's Birthday. 

It took me much longer than I had anticipated. I worked on it all the way up until the day of my mom's party, but watching her open this gift was definitely worth the work.

You can find all the details about this blanket (yarn/pattern used) here 

The border alone took me about 20 hours. I had a hard time finding a border I loved so I improvised. 

I won't be making another ripple blanket for awhile. I've made two very large ones in the last year. They are beautiful but very time consuming! 

Homemade Goat's Milk Soap

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I started looking into making my own soap after my 4 year old daughter got a hold of my regular bar soap while in the bath tub. I didn't realize that she was holding it under water and then rubbing her face with it. Her face turned bright red and started getting puffy. She had such a dramatic reaction to it that it really made me think about what I was putting on my own skin, as well as the things my children had access to.

This Soap is so incredibly easy I feel silly even posting this 'how to.'

I'd posted some homemade soaps on my instagram recently and received several questions about how to make them. I've made several batches including some 'Man Soap' with cedar wood essential oil, cinnamon, and poppy seeds. I made one for my daughters with ground up rolled oats and lavender essential oil. 
The possibilities are endless. I'm always thinking of new color combos or scents to make.

I received the 'herb garden' scent as a sample in my last Brambleberry order. I've been waiting to use it and thought it would be perfect for this soap.


1 pound of Melt & Pour Goats Milk Soap Base
1 T ground Pink Himalayan Salt
1 tsp Fragrance oil 
1/4 tsp color (I used brambleberry's aqua pearl mica)
silicone mold
small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol

I recommend purchasing from Brambleberry. The owner is very sweet, shipping is fast, and her pricing is fair.

Cut 1/4 of your soap into small pieces, to make melting easier. 
You can melt your soap in the microwave or use the double boiler method.

Add fragrance or essential oil of your choice

Stir in your pink himalayan Salt. As you can see I also added a few to the bottom of my molds.
Fill each mold half way.

Spritz with rubbing alcohol to get the bubbles out. 
Let sit for one hour or until hardened. You can speed up this process by putting them in the freezer.

For the top half of the soap you will repeat the steps above only this time add your color instead of salts. 
Again, let sit for an hour. 
Pop them out of their mold and they are ready to be used! 
These would make a great gift, or could be used in a guest bathroom.
Look how pretty they are!

If you make these please leave a comment letting me know how they worked for you or if you liked them. 

A Window Garden With Food Scraps

I saw a few posts on pinterest about regrowing food.  I was a little skeptical but thought I'd give it a try. 

Our family goes through quite a bit of celery and green onion. Not that they are expensive, but it's nice to always have them on hand instead of making trips to the grocery store. Plus nothing beats fresh produce.

Green onion is very easy. Simply chop off the white root part of the plant and stick it in water. Thats it. I change out our water every few days.

This is after only a week! 
The girls think its so fun to watch them grow - so that's a bonus.
When your ready to use them, just cut off what you need and it will grow back.

This is a week of celery growth. Once it gets just a little bigger I'm going to put it in soil.

Romain was a little late to the game.
However it is showing progress. I'll give it another week and then plant it.

Lucy's Neat Ripple Crochet Blanket

I wanted to show everyone a finished Neat Ripple Blanket. I finished this one about a year ago after working for 4 months straight on it. It was a gift for my 4 year old and she loves it! It's big and soft which is why it's become our family favorite. We take it on all our camping trips and my daughter uses it on her bed every night.

I purchased the Lucy Pack for only $39 which includes 17 skeins of 322(yards) yarn. I only needed one of each color, so this pack was perfect. Although I did need to purchase extra of the colors I wanted for the border.
Once again you really can't beat the price or quality of Stylecraft yarn. These 17 colors are gorgeous and were inspired by Lucy of Attic 24 .

I made up my own border for it and can't remember what exactly I did. I'm not too thrilled with it, but it works. I do like the picot edging.

Even in a messy pile, its still beautiful!

Bright Neat Ripple Crochet Blanket

I wanted to post about another work in progress I have going. Yes, I'm aware I have a problem.

I've found a new 'go to' yarn for my blankets. It's acrylic but it isn't like your average Red Heart Brand yarn. It's not scratchy and it doesn't split when you work with it. I can easily run it through the wash cycle, and even throw it in the dryer, which is a must in our house. Not only does it wash up nicely but it comes out even softer than it was before!

In addition to being soft and low maintenance, it comes in some fabulous colors. I love making bright and cheery blankets.

My only complaint is that it is not in the U.S. so I ship it here from the U.K. Not that big of deal but I'm impatient and waiting for it to get here makes me crazy.

drumroll Please........ here it is, Stylecraft Special DK

Isn't it gorgeous?! I order mine here

The colors I used are as follows:

Stylecraft Special DK - Apricot (1026)

Stylecraft Special DK - Aspen (1422)

Stylecraft Special DK - Aster (1003)

Stylecraft Special DK - Candy Floss (1130)

Stylecraft Special DK - Clematis (1390)

Stylecraft Special DK - Fondant (1241)

Stylecraft Special DK - Lavender (1188)

Stylecraft Special DK - Magenta (1084)

Stylecraft Special DK - Petrol (1708)

Stylecraft Special DK - Plum (1061)

Stylecraft Special DK - Pomegranate (1083)

Stylecraft Special DK - Saffron (1081)

Stylecraft Special DK - Sherbet (1034)

Stylecraft Special DK - Shrimp (1132)

Stylecraft Special DK - Soft Peach (1240)

Stylecraft Special DK - Spring Green (1316)

Stylecraft Special DK - Turquoise (1068)

Stylecraft Special DK - Wisteria (1432)

I'm currently using these colors for my second neat ripple blanket. 
You can find the pattern for this blanket here.
Lucy at Attic 24 has so many fun patterns, I'm completely in love with her blog.

Here is my version of her blanket

I really love these colors together, and it works up fairly quick.
Have you used Stylecraft Yarn? What do you think of it?

Happy hooking!

Little Tiny Granny Square Blanket

Here it is, one of my current work's in progress or WIP. This will eventually be a large blanket and I'm hoping to document my progress. 

I've made many granny squares in my life. I've been crocheting for over 20 years. This particular square is something I started using. It's an adaptation of the basic granny square. 

 My yarn is an assortment of wool, and super wash merino's. I love all the happy spring time colors.

Pattern Used:

ch 4
sl st into 1st ch

Round One: ch 2 (counts as first dc) , 2 dc,*ch 2, 3 dc* repeat from ** twice sl stitch into the top of your first ch 2

Round Two: Sl st until you reach the first ch 2 space. Sl st through the chain 2 space adding new color. ch 2, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc. *3 dc into next ch 2 space, ch 2, 3 dc*  
repeat ** 2 more times. Sl st into the top of first ch 2

Round Three: Sl st until you reach the first ch 2 space. Sl st through the ch 2 space adding new color. ch 2 (counts as first dc) 2 dc, ch 1, 3 double crochet, ch 1. *Working in the space created (there is no ch) work 3 dc, ch 1. In next ch 2 space 3 dc, ch 1, 3 dc*
repeat ** 2 more times.

Fasten off.
I used this pattern to join the squares as I went along.